Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

I could have done this last year, but I’m too lazy to read through my posts and find out. Every year around this time, I become exceptionally thankful for my dad.
I can’t really talk about all my dad does for me without tearing up. Not too many things make me weepy, but thinking about all that my dad has sacrificed for my boys and me, makes me bawl like my Gramps used to during Hallmark commercials.
When I was born, my parents had no idea if I was a girl or a boy. My dad wanted a little girl so bad, that he wore a baby pink polo shirt to the hospital the day my mom was having me, and promised me a Porsche when I turned 16 if came out a girl… 16 years later, I got a Mercury Topaz! Close enough.
I was never “daddy’s little princess” we did things differently around our house, and prissiness, was not an option. I did make a damn good bat girl though! After having two boys myself, I’m extremely grateful for being raised at a baseball park and knowing what to expect after they showed an interest in the sport. I wouldn’t have known what to do with girls….
Shortly after Carter was born, we took a family vacation to San Francisco. It was before the magnificent 7 had all arrived, and the only two grandchildren at the time for my parents were Jed’s oldest Madi, and Carter, so traveling as a family was still fun…. (It’s not anymore; kids at that capacity are just loud and obnoxious). Carter had a little cold when we left for San Fran, but nothing too bad. A day or two after we’d been there, Carters cold turned into pneumonia. He wasmiserable!! The only person he wanted to be with was my dad for the rest of the trip. They experienced their first baseball game together that trip at the Giants stadium, which I believe began their love affair with the sport. By the end of the trip, the two were inseparable. It was a bond I don’t think any of us were expecting, but 11 years later, their bond is even stronger. My dad is a dedicated fan, supporter, and most of all coach, to Carter and his team of friends. He has put in countless hours working with both of my boys, on and off the field or court. He’s given up vacations, date nights, dinners and spent endless amounts of money on my boy’s well- being, never complaining once about it.
I wasn’t exactly planning my pregnancy with Gunner, and with the situation I was in, it wasn’t really an exciting pregnancy announcement.  Yes, I said Gunner… neither of my pregnancies was planned. (Don’t worry; I know what prevents that now ;) When Gunner was born, his heart stopped beating. They quickly took him from me to revive him. I was lying there helpless on the hospital bed as nurses performed CPR and called the crash cart. After a couple of minutes (which seemed like hours) my little Gunner Brett started to cry. My dad was one of the first in the room after Gunner had been cleaned up and cleared for visitors. He was so happy to see Gunner, and I will never forget the look of relief on his face as he walked in and saw Gunner- healthy as can be, after the little scare he gave us. His bond with Gunner was instant. They have a different relationship than he and Carter, but I know that because of my dad’s love and care for both boys, they will be better men in the long run.
I couldn’t have a post about my dad without mentioning the great example that raised him. My dad is the man he is because of his father. Gramps was the perfect example of love, service, loyalty, respect, and honesty. These are just a few of the traits he portrayed on a daily basis. Each of these traits have been passed down to my dad, who then attempted to pass them down to me, but due to my stubbornness, I’m my own mold ;) I’m hoping my children are more susceptible to a positive influence….  
Happy Father's Day, Dad!! Thank you for all you do, and for willingly being a "parent" a second go around for my boys. We couldn't make it without you! 

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